As I expected, the hate mail from the leftists who can't stand hearing the truth has started coming in. For your entertainment pleasure I am posting the best of the best here (unedited). Enjoy!


From: piojito_228@hotmail.com
Date: July 15, 2005 5:42:41 PM EDT

[Translated from Spanish]

Is it true that Americans believe that Cubans are thieves, drug addicts, and homosexuals? And that's why in Miami and all of Florida they are subjected to a large scale discrimination because they're treated like delinquents like in the movie Scarface? Do you really think you're an American? Do you think the Americans trust you? Do you think you're worth anything to them?

You know what the truth is.


From: cybermarcel81@yahoo.es
Subject: Che
Date: June 22, 2005 3:18:04 PM EDT

[Translated from Spanish]

Look Buddy, since you are a (untranslatable) of a Cuban I'm going to speak to you in perfect Spanish so you can understand me.

The fact that you grandfather was a street rat during the years that Cuba was no more than a puppet governed by the yankees, doesn't mean that you have the right say whatever shit you want in a forum that we can all access, the net of nets. Your grandfather, the truth is, looks very nice in that photo, and maybe he was even a good person, I don't doubt that, but telling these stories to the world is, more than anything, admitting that your grandfather is, or was if he is already dead, a perfect idiot, and furthermore was capable of transmitting all of that garbage to the point where you made him a protagonist to a story that you made up last night... although perhaps you were paid to do it and you had to give your children food to eat... but no, because you don't have children, so you must be another (untranslatable) of those that are incubated in your country.

And about your ant-Che souvenirs, it's an idea for people that feel impotent before a truth, you know that Che had to have been a very loved person for that love to last until today in the hearts of people in every corner of the world. Making a little t-shirt, or hat with a stupid slogan on it characterizes you, you should be ashamed to spread propaganda about a wrong idea of which you couldn't have the minimum of certainty about since you didn't live it.

Before reading your mini biography I already knew you live in the USA, and as if that weren't enough in Miami, where the most shit is said. If you have a beautiful wife, be happy in your heart, but she can't be too smart when she's at your side. And about your illness...well, what I desire most is that a Cuban from today, the kind that do the work of the world, to live more or less how one should live, puts forward a cure or treatment for disease, or that the Cuban government should pay for a trip to Cuba so that your illness would be treated free, then you would know something about one of the great lands that saw OUR Che live. Until the victory always!!! whatever victory that we're looking for.


P.S. Of course I'm Cuban


From: "jorge fusaro" <jorgegefusaro@hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 20:03:39 +0000

your page is the biggest lye on the earth, I`m sure you love Bush and all the killers yankis in your country. yo must know all the lives that Che salved, not only in cuba, but in panama, congo, bolivia, etc. . Your grand father was only a chicken, he had fear, he run away from cuba to usa, the land on rich chickens, I can«t describe the hate that I feel to you, and to all your countri, I will discover where do you live, and i will eat your childrens, I will kill you mather fucker. I hate You!!!!